With the use of plastic around 1960 all these disadvantage could be surmounted. Nevertheless Dr. Hein insisted on using the already widely known elegant, slim and smooth form of the PUSTEFIX tube also in the future. Just as the cork sealing the plastic closure should also smoothly interlock with the plastic tube on the outside. Therefore, an elaborate inner thread had to be developed. Also the oval form of the bent spring wire spiral was taken over for the new plastic blow ring – or rather blow oval. Thus, the unique and distinctive classic PUSTEFIX design that we still know today was presented.



This long-term positive image effect contributed to the success of the PUSTEFIX toys as did the use of plastic, as it preserved the PUSTEFIX liquid for an almost indefinite period of time. The container is absolutely spill tight and the imprinted brand label permanently maintains its look  – a decisive pre-requisite for transporting the PUSTEFIX toys over greater distances and for offering the best quality also in faraway countries.

The improvements in the quality of packaging resulted in an increase of the quantity sold already in the 60ies. Soon the manual filling process by using simple metering valves could no longer meet the increasing demand.  By using machines for filling and capping more and more automation is included in the PUSTEFIX production.




In 1973 Gerold P. Hein took over the company from his father. The declining birthrate in Germany of the previous years had also left its marks on the turnover of the PUSTEFIX products. Thus, the focus was put on the marketing of the products abroad. The company was very successful in its marketing attempts in the neighboring European countries but also in Japan and in the United States of America.







Since the early 80ies PUSTEFIX can be found around the globe, also in countries such as e.g. Singapore, Russia, Kazakhstan, Korea, South Africa and on some exotic South Sea islands. At the same time an enlargement of the soap bubble assortment was performed. Based on the PUSTEFIX original a complete assortment of various and completely new soap bubble toys was created.